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Natural Soap and Flowers

Holistic & Massage Therapies


The ancient healing art of Reflexology has been

used for thousands of years. It was first practised by

the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian people.

A deeply relaxing treatment for the feet, helping

to restore balance within the mind and body.

Working on reflex points and using gentle massage

techniques to re-establish the body’s natural energy

flow and healing mechanisms.

1 hr £40.00

Hopi Ear Candles

A gentle, non-invasive, relaxing and soothing

therapy, which may help alleviate ear, sinus and

head conditions. Includes a facial massage.

30 mins £28.00

Indian Head Massage

A therapeutic and healing massage which is gentle,

firm and rhythmical, performed with or with-out

oil. The stimulation of the scalp helps tone the

muscles, relieve eyestrain and headaches, improves

concentration and boosts the immune system. It

eliminates muscular tension and restores joint

movement by stretching and mobilising the tissues

of the neck and shoulders.

45 mins £35.00

Swedish Massage

An excellent massage to relieve stress by soothing

aching muscles, promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Full Body Massage. 1 hr £45.00

Back Massage. 30 mins £28.00

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